The Keith B Dixon Photography Podcast Photography Zone is where professional photography meets real life experience. No fluff, no hype, just straight up to the point information on anything and everything photography. If you are looking for more than your typical boiler plate formats, this is the podcast for you. 

“Your only as good as your last job in this business, so make it count forever.”

I have worked with most of my clients for at least a decade now. Making images mission critical on an assignment, on the other hand, the service, understanding for what is needed to complete the job, attitude, and service is just as important. In the Podcast Zone I talk about those elements candidly as well all the mistakes I have made over my 23 years.
Keith B Dixon Pro Photographer

I love photographing interiors, exteriors using an organic approach. By design I make images using mostly existing  lighting that best represents the intended design and architectural focus.

Environmental photos

My passion, urban landscapes, also know as “Street Photography.” Back in 2012 I developed a process called “The Religious Point of View” which was designed to slow down the need to just “shoot” and connect to the environment. 

Live StreAMS

Everyone loves a great story, telling a great story isn’t as simple as it seems. In this 8 Minute Drill, Pro Photographer Keith B Dixon talks about how he approaches his street, environment, and urban landscape photos in his work. He also talks about his influence and the importance of using various techniques and visual design concepts to draw your audience into an image.

High Profile or High Volume Makes $$$

I have worked in most all areas of photography. 23 years ago, I was trying to find niche, or better yet, I was trying to find a way to make consistent money to live off of. Without question, high volume work, you are photographing a lot of something, is the only way to survive. On my podcast I talk a lot business and creativity. 

A new episode every Friday around 5PM PST