EP #3- 5 Ideas That Will Jump Start Your Social Media

On this episode, Keith interviews Official NFL 49ers Team Photographer Terrell Llyod about his beginnings, career, and motivations about being a Pro Photographer in the NFL. Read more about Llyod’s background and experiences. 

Social media is one of the most popular communication mediums in use today. As a result of that,  Social Networking has become a mainstream tool for most everyone and an invaluable way to maintain contact, relationships, support community, and grow a business. On this podcast, Keith shares his opinions about social media and how to get started as a follow up to his talk at Imaging USA 2018 Nashville.  

Keith covers: 

  1. Social Media Definition 
  2. How to Get Started on Social 
  3. Create a Lifestyle Workflow 
  4. Channel Noise Who are you? 
  5. Who do you want to reach? 
  6. Create Original Content 
  7. Create a Social Media Mix 
  8. Getting Attention 
  9. Boots on the Ground Marketing 
  10. Traditional Marketing 
  11. Social Media Trailers 
  12. Develop a Tracking System  
  13. Who is My Audience  
  14. We need viewer data 
  15. What Are the Best Social Channels 
  16. The Mothership  
  17. Defining Your Demographic 
  18. Who Are You Reaching and Why? 
  19. Promoting and Engaging 
  20. Build Your Content Based on Need 

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